If it works, should we do it?

Much has been said about the methods employed by the modern church. Methods to get people to come to church, the get them to tithe, to get them to support church functions, etc. Why should they come to church or get involved anyway?

When I was in my late teens, I remember Floyd McClung quoting a study that was done in Amsterdam, if I remember correctly. It went something like this:

In a survey, young people were asked if the were interested in the church and learning more about it. 99% said no. Then those same people were asked if they were interested in learning more about Jesus and his teachings and 99% said yes. When these results were shown to the pastor and leaders of the churches in the area, their response was shocking: “What is wrong with our young people?”.

The response should have been: “What is wrong with us?”

Here is a thought provoking piece about this state of affairs and the thinking that the end justifies the means: OldTruth.com

If anybody has a reference or more detail on the mentioned study, please mail post a comment. I’d be happy to quote the detail correctly.