The Head needs you

(copied from my old blog at
11 February 2007

No-one in the body of Christ can live without the Head. Eventually a headless body dies. We need Christ, the head, more than anything and we cannot do without Him.

On the other hand, God, the Father does not need us. He can exist in all his Glory without us. However, he chose to bring us to him, by having His Son die and be brought back to life and we with Him. So although he could have continued without us, he chose not to. He chose to include us in His plans, and through Christ, we are now part of him. By choice He now needs us. That is a profound thought and one which we must not take lightly. It places an enormous responsibility on us to do what he tells us. It makes each and every one of us important. We can no longer claim to be insignificant, just another little person who fades into nothingness compared to God’s greatness and glory. If He has chosen us as co-workers with Christ, we are making serious mistakes when we don’t build with Him.

Imagine for one moment the body of Christ is represented by the huge statue above Rio de Janeiro with it’s arms spread wide. Each person obeying his instructions makes the cement in it strong and able to weather storms and winds. However, each person ignoring his calling and continuing on his own path, makes the part where he’s built in weak, eventually causing gaping holes to fall in the arms, the legs, stomach and back, etc. Soon the whole statue looses it’s effect and becomes a shameful, laughable thing – a joke.

Dear saint, dear brother and sister, you are are a crucial component in the body of Christ. You are needed, you are important, you are wanted and you are chosen. Do not let anyone ever convince you of anything else.


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