Here are the links to download O2KSR1aDL.exe , WinXP-SP1a and WinXP-SP3

After searching the web for a few days and following hundreds of rabbit trails (mostly due to Google’s insistence on indexing those most annoying fake content pages that pretend to have whatever content one is looking for but actually don’t), I finally found a link to a site that actually still has the file and saved it here for others’ benefit as well.

(This is the English Language version – updated since the initial post)
And to make things easier while we’re at it, here are the links to WinXP SP1a and SP3 (the full download) as well

(I suppose I should find the other MS Office service packs and add them here as, since Microsoft will probably pull the same stunt with them in future)

For those that are new to this issue, here is a quick synopsis:

In order to re-install Office 2000 and subsequent service packs, MS Office SP1a is needed.  There is an installer on Microsoft’s download site, but it in turn attempts to download a file which Microsoft says has been automatically deleted due to some policy rule.  (Anyone ever heard of a policy change and putting the file back??).  The bottom line is that without installing SP1a, you cannot install the other service packs.

Microsoft officially doesn’t support Office 2000 any more, but there are legacy apps that have been created to run in Access 2000 for example, that just chug along somewhere with no-one having any desire or need to upgrade and “fix” them (and pay the accompanying new Office fee which can amount to as much as R4000 per copy of Office).  So, since this is Windows, a re-installation is often the only way to fix some issue, especially when a system has become really slow over time. So now you can re-install Office 2000, apply SP1a, then the subsequent ones and get on with your life.

Please note: I don’t run MS Office and haven’t for a very long time, but I had this problem with an application on a customer site, which prompted me to create this post. I use LibreOffice for new systems (running on Ubuntu), which offers significant advantages and features that MS Office doesn’t have and is significantly simpler to use than MS Office as well.


35 thoughts on “Here are the links to download O2KSR1aDL.exe , WinXP-SP1a and WinXP-SP3

  1. cubic says:

    Thanks so much for this file. It’s not being on the MS website just strikes me as a marketing ploy, nothing more.

    Very useful.

  2. TH says:

    This file is not available any more at the above ftp link. As you say, it would be great if you can upload this file and post the link. Thanks.

  3. Grant says:

    From Bigfoot.BC

    Thank, thank you, thank you. After days of working on this it’s finally solved. I am running Office 2000 Pro on a Mac Intel computer. Windows 7/Windows XP Mode. I tried many times to download the SR-1 and SR-1a files form the Microsoft website. I contacted Microsoft and they told me the files were still available on the update site and worked. I don’t understand why they do this. It’s very bad PR. It cost me a lot of time and frustration. It up and working now and I am grateful to you for making the file available.

    • I’m just returning the favour to all those out there that are keeping older files and dll’s available when they quietly vanish.

      Having said that, I’ve been using OpenOffice and now LibreOffice for years and have never found the need to backwards to MS Office again.

  4. John says:

    Thanks a lot indeed. I’ve been looking for the SR-1a full file for a long time now and got to this site just by pure coincidence. I was finally going to give up searching, since, as you point out, Google shows you mostly phony links that lead you to sites that generally offer junk downloads under false pretenses instead of what you’re really looking for.

  5. Roberto says:

    Hallo, please any idea on where to find the italian language version of O2KSR1aDL.EXE ? Thanx, Roberto

    • No, sorry, Roberto. I found the english version a long time ago and saved a copy. If you do find it anywhere, please link it back here and I could even upload a copy of the file for future reference.

  6. Loren, what a strange question. It’s an exe file: Double click it or right click and select “run as…” or type it from the command prompt. You install it the way you run any windows program. Or am I missing something in your question?

  7. Thank you, thankyou, thank you, just what I’ve been searching for too. Now installed SR-1a and SP-3 on my laptop, thanks to you lifeboy, What a relief.

  8. jhnstck says:

    Thank you so much! We have a legacy Access 2000 application and installing it on new or re-installed PCs was a nightmare!

  9. RodB says:

    I’m going through the same struggle upgrading my base Office2000 installed on my “new” XP machine. Lifeboysays is a life saver. My understanding is that SR1 (setupsr1.exe) has to be installed before SR1a (O2KSR1aDL.EXE). Is this accurate? When I run setupsr1.exe it puts setup.exe in C:\Program Files\ORKTools\Download\Tools\Setup folder. When I run that file I get a message “can’t find a package to install…”

    Can anyone shed any light for me? Thanks.

    • RodB says:

      Replying to my own post. I ignored all sr1 stuff, ran O2KSR1aDL.EXE which put a bunch of files in my created C:\FullSr1 folder. After inserting my Office2000 CD I ran the setup.exe from C:\FullSr1\. It was a lengthy process (that included accessing my CD). When finished I rebooted as told and found Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Pro in my list of programs. It’s also in Help > About. The “SR-1” was not listed previously. I’m assuming “SR1a” is just a version of SR1 and so not listed as such. I’m also assuming success and ready to get SP3!

      Too bad Microsoft doesn’t just explain this instead of giving people a GOTCHA and turning up their noses at us just because we don’t want to by Office 365.

  10. Gazzza says:

    I thank you very much for this file. I did a format and a reinstall on my old computer.I searched many dead or not supported links to the Microsoft site and elsewhere some pointing back to Micro,,,, cannot find ,,,,,, like some else said I by chance found your link. You are a hero! You saved me hours of pain going through many old backup discs searching for the file. I am not even sure if I did keep it.I was determined not to have to pay for a later edition when I already paid for the 2000 and it has all the functions I need.
    cheers Gazzza

  11. Gary Michaels says:

    Another happy person that uses Office 2000! I found your site by luck, really — I didn’t have the original SR1 file saved and needed to update O2K after reinstall. Luckily, here you were!

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