Set the default font size and type for XMind

I have noticed that on all the machines that I have used XMind, the default font appears to be a poor choice. Today I got fed-up and decided to do something about it.  Most (if not all) of these machines are running Ubuntu.

I found the file defaultStyles.xml by simply issuing the command

locate defaultStyles.xml

On my home computer running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, it’s at /usr/local/xmind/plugins/org.xmind.ui.resources_3.0.3.200904291819/styles/defaultStyles.xml. Use your favourite editor (I use vim, but gedit would work just as well) to edit the file.  Since this is in a location outside of your home directory, you need to use sudo to edit the file, ie.

sudo vim /usr/local/xmind/plugins...defaultStyles.xml

Firstly: The default font is each element specified is


This led me to check the system font under System | Preferences | Appearance | Fonts. Lo and behold, the default application font-family is “Sans” and the default size “10”.
However, selecting the fonts dialog in Xmind only gives the option of size “12” or “14”, not “13”. But the default is set to “13”, which results in the last 1 or 2 characters begin cut of in the topic | subtopic box. Of course one can change the system font to some other font family (like Arial if you have the MS Fonts installed and you will be sending your mindmaps to windows users as well), but I
suspect using a TrueType font as system font may slow down your system or have other side-effect which I don’t care to explore at this stage.

So secondly, I changed the default font size in the defaultStyles.xml file from 13 to 12 where applicable and this took care of the cut of characters problem.

I may go back to this file to change the font-family from system to something else, but for now I’m happy knowing where I can go to change this if need be.

Additional tips and comments welcome.