Set the default font size and type for XMind

I have noticed that on all the machines that I have used XMind, the default font appears to be a poor choice. Today I got fed-up and decided to do something about it.  Most (if not all) of these machines are running Ubuntu.

I found the file defaultStyles.xml by simply issuing the command

locate defaultStyles.xml

On my home computer running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, it’s at /usr/local/xmind/plugins/org.xmind.ui.resources_3.0.3.200904291819/styles/defaultStyles.xml. Use your favourite editor (I use vim, but gedit would work just as well) to edit the file.  Since this is in a location outside of your home directory, you need to use sudo to edit the file, ie.

sudo vim /usr/local/xmind/plugins...defaultStyles.xml

Firstly: The default font is each element specified is


This led me to check the system font under System | Preferences | Appearance | Fonts. Lo and behold, the default application font-family is “Sans” and the default size “10”.
However, selecting the fonts dialog in Xmind only gives the option of size “12” or “14”, not “13”. But the default is set to “13”, which results in the last 1 or 2 characters begin cut of in the topic | subtopic box. Of course one can change the system font to some other font family (like Arial if you have the MS Fonts installed and you will be sending your mindmaps to windows users as well), but I
suspect using a TrueType font as system font may slow down your system or have other side-effect which I don’t care to explore at this stage.

So secondly, I changed the default font size in the defaultStyles.xml file from 13 to 12 where applicable and this took care of the cut of characters problem.

I may go back to this file to change the font-family from system to something else, but for now I’m happy knowing where I can go to change this if need be.

Additional tips and comments welcome.

19 thoughts on “Set the default font size and type for XMind

    • There is an “line-tapered” attribute that seems to be part of the “style” tag below. For example, in the same resources directory as in the main article above, look at this snippet out of the themes/styles.xml file:

      <style type=”topic” id=”STY@-7dUJe5_7F8JM3WB6D07-Q==”>
      <topic-properties svg:fill=”#F8EC9A”
      line-color=”#808080″ line-width=”2pt” line-tapered=”tapered”

      I would think that the levels of the branches are defined in a similar way. (I assume that’s what you mean by multi-branch parameters). Dig around in those xml files and see what you can come up with.

    • Its a bit tricky:

      in this section:
      <map-properties […]

      you need to insert the following:
      multi-line-colors="#ac6060 #acac60 #60ac60 #60acac #6060ac #ac60ac" rainbowcolor="true" spinylines="true"

      This will check the checkboxes in the menu.

      In this section:
      <style type="topic" id="centralTopic" […]

      you need to insert the following:
      line-tapered="tapered" multi-line-colors="#ac6060 #acac60 #60ac60 #60acac #6060ac #ac60ac"

      This will actually do the work.

  1. Jaren Angerbauer says:

    Thanks you for posting this! I was getting very frustrated with the default font settings in XMind, and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a default setting in the application.

    I’m on Mac, and XMind sets explicit font styles in defaultStyles.xml file — not $systemfont. So all I had to do was locate the file:

    [Location of]

    and the modify the fonts at each level.

  2. Zenji says:

    Hi guys, I’m desperate to change the default font for Notes,
    but I can’t find it anywhere in the style sheet…just ones for topics etc.

    Can anyone help?

    I really need this for my work – in fact I’m on a deadline right now and will have to use notes ALOT over the next few days.

    I’ve just found Xmind – it will be very helpful for me – EXCEPT for the fact the developer seems quite unresponsive (see below)

    People have been pleading with the developer to fix this for years –
    the 8 point arial in notes is hard for anyone of ANY age to see.

    Yet I can show you at least 8 pages of requests for people that the developer has just brushed off.

    Even when he’s asked by people directly how they can fix this THEMSELVES in the style sheet, his answers have included (paraphrasing):
    ‘oh you can just change it each time in the notes window’
    ‘i think someone else has written about that here on the google group’

    Very unfortunate and frustrating.

    • The font size information is probably all there in the XML somewhere. I’d dig around if I were you.

      Yes, the developer seems a bit on a different planet at times 😮 Not much one can do about it. Maybe that’s what happens when one uses Java too much! LOL

      Regarding the font size of the notes: My Ubuntu 12.10 installation of XMind had the notes defaulting at 11pt using the “Ubuntu” font.
      I’m using XMind 2012 (v3.3.0)

      I quickly scanned the directories for “note” with “font” “xml”, but couldn’t find anything that may set this.

  3. Zenji says:

    Hi Ronald, I did a thorough search (using FIND) on all instances of font and couldn’t see anything for Notes. The most success I’ve had is changing my whole system font: it seems the Notes section is just inheriting it. Check it out: (PS I’ve had loads of problems with Lexmark too. Atrocious. Never use them again):

  4. Zenji says:

    It is for defaultStyles.xml
    Note: when I change my system font, this is inherited by the notes section – a clue?
    (In fact, out of desperation I have done that temporarily)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here’s the link to text

  5. Zenji says:

    Over the next few days I will have to paste in probably 700 pieces of text, as I rush to complete several papers for uni !…that’s why I’m keen to get a workaround for this that doesn’t make all the text on the rest of my system too big. (you should see my chrome address bar text right now…the martians can read what I’m googling…(not just the US govt lol !) 😛

  6. Zenji says:

    finally, templates.xml
    (though other people have mostly spoken about defaultstyles.xml…but of course that doesn’t mean that’s where the note style resides, if anywhere)

    Seriously any help on this would be most gratefully received.

    A mystery for someone to solve!

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